"You cannot rise higher than your foundation allows. Make sure you build your retirement on a principle-based foundation."

Mike Decker

Stressed About Retirement?

Let’s face it: some retirements fail. Why? Chances are they ignored the principles of retirement. When you retire, the rules change, and the these principles apply.

If you’re tired of confusing advice and are searching for retirement strategies that work for you, you’ve come to the right place. Join Mike Decker as he breaks down the ins and outs of how to put together your retirement, built on the principles he’s cultivated over the past decade in the financial world. He understands the problems plaguing retirees and the financial planning industry today and seeks to rectify this by providing straightforward guidelines for a successful retirement.

Decker walks readers through the process of building their own retirement with simple instruction. This is not a technical book. This book is for those seeking to take control of their retirement that can weather market up and downs and the changes that inevitably occur during the post-work years. From dealing with the fear of running out of money to Social Security to tax minimization, Principles of Retirement is a must-read for anyone wanting to retire their way.

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The principle of income suggests that you only draw retirement income from accounts that have not received significant losses.

The Principle Of Income

The Principle Of Diversification suggests that you diversify your assets by objectives, like taking income, minimizing taxes, leaving a legacy, buying a boat, or whatever else you may want in retirement.

The Principle Of Diversification

The Principle Of Planning suggests that pre-determined guidelines increase your probability of future success. Winging your retirement is a great way to run out of money early.

The Principle Of Planning

The Principles Of Retirement

Simplify Your Retirement

Principles Of Retirement is a step-by-step guide that teaches the principles behind retirement planning and helps you put together your own plan.

Explore the different ways you can create the retirement plan that is right for you. 

No financial degree required to understand.

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Learn the principles behind retirement plans that actually work.

Principles For All Retirees And Their Retirement Plans

Whether you have a pension, 401k, rental real estate, or not, this book is for you. It takes the fundamental principles that can be found in every retirement plan and breaks them down so anyone can understand.

When you plan with principles, you increase your probability of success in retirement and in life.

Learn How To Apply These Principles

Principles Of Retirement Focuses On Teaching You How To Apply These Principles To Your Retirement

Learn what it takes to put together a principle-based retirement plan:

  • Discover the problems many retirees face and how to avoid them (Page 9)
  • Gain a deep understanding of the principles of retirement (Page 13)
  • See step-by-step how to put together a personalized retirement plan for yourself (Page 19)
  • Gain context on how to maintain your retirement throughout the years (Page 40)
  • Unlock the secrets that can lead to a prosperous life in retirement (Page 42)

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